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Managing Subscriptions

With HourStack you can choose a plan to suit the size of your team. Whether it's just you personally or any number of people, our pricing scales accordingly. Plans are billed on a monthly basis. Manage your subscription settings.


  • Personal: $12/mo - for workspaces with a single member.
  • Team: $15/mo - for workspaces with multiple members.

Adding/Removing Members

The subscription quantity of your plan will be adjusted automatically when adding and removing members from your workspace.

  • The subscription quantity will automatically be increased when a user accepts an invite to your workspace and becomes a member. Your invoice will be adjusted with the prorated amount for that member based on the remaining time in the current billing cycle.
  • The subscription quantity will automatically decrease when a member is archived, removed, or their role is changed to Guest. Your invoice will be adjusted with the prorated amount for that member based on the remaining time in the current billing cycle. This will be credited to your account and applied to future invoices.

For legacy annual plans, we will invoice changes once per month on your billing anchor date.

Swapping Plans

Changing your plan will create a new billing anchor date and an invoice will be generated immediately. A prorated credit will be applied for unused time on the old plan. If a balance is due, your default payment method will be charged. It's only possible to switch to a personal plan if your workspace has a single active member. You can archive or remove all other members.

Sales Tax

We are required to collect sales tax in Washington state. This will be calculated and applied to your invoices automatically based on your billing address. Tax rates are pulled in real-time from the Washington Department of Revenue when your invoice is created to ensure that the correct tax rate is included when the invoice is finalized and your default payment method is charged.

Prorating Charges

When adding or removing members, changing the billing cycle between monthly and annual, or swapping between plans, we'll prorate the corresponding invoice. Any unused time will be credited against the changes made, ensuring you are charged accurately for your subscription at all times.

Cancel Your Subscription

When canceling your subscription, you will continue to have full access to your workspace until the end of the current billing period. Any remaining balance owed will be charged at the end of the billing period and access will cease at that time.

Resume Your Subscription

If you have canceled your subscription and it is still in a grace period before ending, you may select to resume your subscription. If your subscription has been canceled and ended, then you will need to re-subscribe instead.


Subscription management requires the Billing permission.

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