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Managing Clients

Clients allow for an additional level of hierarchy in which projects can be grouped under or associated with specific clients. This allows for more robust reporting, for example, with one selection you can get a full reporting of all time scheduled and logged across all projects for a specific client. Access client management in your workspace settings.

Create and Manage Clients

You can create clients from this page and associate them with projects. Each project can have one client and clients can be associated with an unlimited number of projects.

Sort, Filter, and Search the Client List

  • Sort by name, date added, and last updated.
  • Filter by archived and favorited statuses.
  • Search by name.

Favorite Clients

You can favorite clients that you commonly use and they will be shown at the top of client selection lists for quick access. You can edit your favorites at any time to add or remove clients.

Archive or Delete Clients

Clients can be archived when you no longer plan to work on tasks under their projects. Archiving will retain their history and reporting but remove them from the active clients list. You can unarchive clients anytime.

Archiving a client will also archive all projects associated with that client, but unarchiving a client will not unarchive associated projects automatically.

You can also permanently delete clients, which will dissociate them from all projects and tasks but will not delete the previously associated projects or tasks.

Bulk Manage Clients

Select multiple clients and archive or permanently delete them.


Client management requires the Clients permission.

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