About HourStack

We simplify your time
so that you can make
the most of it.

Time is valuable. We are on a mission to help teams of all
sizes plan, track, and prioritize it by building the most simple
and flexible software solution available.

Visualize time. An all-in-one calendar view.

HourStack is the time tracking and scheduling tool we always wished we had. Designed for teams of all sizes that care about tracking time across the applications they already use, but flexible enough to use as a stand-alone tool.

You and your team can use HourStack on its own to track and schedule time, or enhance the experience via integrations. No technical skills needed, no complicated integrations, and no more duplication of entries.

Visualize time. An all-in-one calendar view.

Customer-centric & product-first.

We believe in the power of collaborating directly with our customers to inform our product roadmap. It’s important for us to build an app that our customers enjoy using on a daily basis.

Between regular beta testing, surveys, and feedback loops, we make sure our customer’s voices help improve upon our product. This transparent and collaborative approach to product innovation keeps us accountable to our customer-centric mission.

The Team planning out new HourStack features

What we value

Fast-paced innovation

We develop, test, and deploy new and improved features on a regular basis. This means we’re constantly driving towards the most simple, flexible software solution.

Customer-driven feedback

Our goal is to build the best product for our customers. Whether it’s through beta testing groups, surveys, or customer feedback, we keep a steady pulse of what’s working well and what needs to be prioritized.


Software shouldn’t be complicated. We strive to build a platform that is intuitive and easy to use, with a beautiful user interface.

Amenable support

Whether you have questions about product functionality or about your HourStack account, we're here to help. We strive to resolve every support inquiry within 24 hours.

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