Task Management

Take tasks from planning to completion

HourStack lets you plan, schedule, and track time on tasks so you can stay organized and on top of all of your work.

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Take tasks from planning to completion

Organize and assign work

In HourStack, you can add task descriptions, notes, subtasks, due dates, and more to make tasks as detailed or as simple as you need. Then, assign your tasks to make sure they get done on time.

Organize and assign work

Customize how you view your tasks

Stay on top of your work by switching between list, board, and calendar views of your tasks.

  • List View

    A streamlined, focused way to create your to-do list without distractions

  • Board View

    Organize tasks in sections customizable to your workflow

  • Calendar View

    Visualize how time is being spent on different tasks

Add task descriptions, notes, subtasks, due dates, and more

Stay on top of deadlines

Easily assign and schedule your tasks by simply dragging and dropping them onto your calendar. See progress as it happens in real time and make sure everything is done on time.

Stay on top of deadlines
“The idea that I can make time in a day to get to all my tasks is a life saver for me and my coworkers”
Jared R Capterra review
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Connect the apps and tools you already use and enjoy simple, accurate time tracking across them all with HourStack.

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