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Managing Workspace Settings

We've added a few additional features for managing your workspace and laid the groundwork that we can build upon to offer further defaults across the workspace, which can then be overridden on a member-by-member basis as appropriate.

Managing Subscriptions

We've simplified our plan offerings to better align with the most common uses of HourStack. This has allowed us to remove gates on functionality so both Personal and Team plans are fully featured.

Managing Roles & Permissions

Roles and permissions have been completely rethought and reimplemented in a much more scalable and manageable way across your workspace. Previously, there were fixed roles of Administrator, Team Member, Guest, and Custom. Each of those roles had fixed permissions, besides Custom, which allowed a custom permission set.

Managing Teams

Teams are a great way to split up your workspace members for both scheduling in the calendar and reporting purposes.

Managing Members

You can manage all members of your workspace, including inviting new members, on the members management page.

Managing Clients

Create clients and associate them with projects. Each project can have one client and clients can be associated with an unlimited number of projects.

Managing Projects

You can manage projects on the project management page.

Managing Labels

Labels are a great way to create groupings for scheduling and reporting purposes. You can add multiple labels to tasks and then report on those groupings or filter the schedule to see only tasks from specific labels.

Managing Exports

Within HourStack you can export reports and workspace data. Your export history is searchable and exports can be downloaded or deleted anytime within the 30 day retention period. Your exports are only accessible by you.

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