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Managing Workspace Settings

The main workspace settings can be modified in the General settings page under workspaces, including the icon, name, as well as defaults that apply to all members such as capacity and task duration. You can also export workspace data from this page.

Managing Subscriptions

You can change the plan type for your subscription, for example switching from a Personal plan to a Team plan, from the Subscription page. You can also manage the billing frequency from the Manage Plan button.

Managing Billing

You can update your credit card, billing details, set your VAT number, and see payment history from the Subscription page. You can also cancel and resume subscriptions from this page.

Managing Members

To manage team members within your workspace, click on Members from the Settings page. From this page you can manage invites, remove team members, and edit details, such as their role and capacity.

Managing Roles & Permissions

Roles are customizable sets of permissions that are assigned to team members. There are default system roles which cannot be modified, and custom roles which you can define.

Managing Capacity

Capacity is how many hours you allocate in a workday for team members. Capacity is useful for indicating daily efficiency and when running reports.

Managing Teams

You can split your workspace members up in to teams to make scheduling and reporting a lot easier. You can also use teams to create a more secure and focused environment for members who only have permission to view tasks within their team.

Managing Clients

Clients allow for an additional level of hierarchy in which projects can be grouped under, allowing for more robust reporting and budgeting. To create and manage clients click the Clients link from the Settings navigation.

Managing Projects

Projects allow you to group tasks together for greater reporting and scheduling. To manage projects and set details like Client and Due Date, click the Projects link from the Settings navigation.

Managing Labels

Labels allow you to group tasks for easier scheduling and reporting purposes. In HourStack you can assign multiple labels for a task and filter to those labels from the calendar or reports.

Managing Exports

You can export reports and workspace data from the Data Exports page. Your export history is searchable and exports can be downloaded or deleted anytime within 30 days.

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