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Managing Workspace Settings

Manage your workspace settings.

Update Workspace Details

You can upload an icon, which will be used in the workspace switcher in the header to identify your various workspaces, as well you can change the name of your workspace as desired.

Default Member Availability

You can set the default availability (in hours) per day for members of your workspace. When new members join, they will inherit these values, but their default availability per day can be set individually as well.

Default Task Duration

You can set the default task duration for new tasks created within your workspace. When new members join, they will inherit this value, but their default task duration can be set individually as well.

Export Workspace Data

Workspace data exports work as they did previously, where you can select which resources you'd like to export including tasks, members, teams, clients, projects, labels, and roles. That data is processed and exported to an Excel file with a separate tab for each resource type.

Delete the Workspace

This is where you can permanently delete your workspace. This will do as it says, and permanently delete your entire workspace including tasks, clients, projects, labels, members, etc. This is irreversible, so use caution.

We do require a second confirmation that you want to delete the workspace after you click the delete button, just to make sure before we start processing your request.

If you want to retain any data from your workspace, please export it prior to deleting the workspace.


Workspace settings management requires the Workspace permission.

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