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Starting and Stopping Timers

Tasks can have time tracked against them by using a timer, or by manually adding time. Being able to see how much time was logged against how much time was allocated is a critical path to reporting on how teams can improve efficiencies within their workday.

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Starting a Timer

To start a timer on a task, first make sure you are viewing today's date in the Calendar view by clicking "Today". You should see a blue timer indicator that shows the amount of time tracked against the allocation with a Start icon to the left side. Click on the Start button and a timer will begin counting showing the amount of hours, minutes and seconds next to the amount of time allocated.


If the task is completed you won't be able to start a timer. First uncomplete the task by clicking the check button, then you can resume the timer.


When the timer reaches the same amount of time that was allocated, you can receive a notification informing you that you have reached your allocation for that task. If you go over the allocation, you will also notice the timer changes to a red color. To manage your notifications go to the Notifications settings page.

Managing Timers With the Browser Extension

Our browser extension allows you to start and stop timers for tasks no matter what other web page you are viewing. To install the browser extension visit the Browser Extensions category on our integrations page and download the relevant extension for your browser.

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