Helping to Boost Efficiencies at Companies Large and Small

We help agencies, internal teams, and individuals to gain control and increase visibility into actual time spent on each project or program stage, integrating across applications.

HourStack for Agencies

For Agencies

Track efficiency and see trends on how your agency's time is spent. Get a visual overview of time spent on each project by projects and people, easily connect to your current suite of apps to manage project tasks, percentage of projects complete, hours billed for a project, balance workloads with resources, and pull reports for invoicing.

HourStack for Internal Teams

For Internal Teams

Gain greater visibility into weekly team schedules and accurately track time spent on projects and tasks. Track and manage your project tasks, identify where to shift time and prioritize work, generate reports by time period, and allocate time to projects that matter the most.

HourStack for Individuals

For Individuals

See exactly where your time is being consumed so you can better manage overlapping projects and time commitments. Leverage templates, labels, and daily/weekly calendar views to regulate different projects and commitments so you can achieve realistic timelines — plus, easily generate reports and send out invoices.