Time Tracking Software for Students

Stay focused and meet deadlines

With HourStack's visual calendar, you'll find it easy to plan for the week, stay on task, and avoid procrastination. You'll even be able to figure out how long a project or homework assignment might take you so that you master time management in college, high school, and beyond.

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Pinpoint your best study hours

Plan your day, week, or month in a visual calendar so you can see everything on your plate in a single view. Drag-and-drop to schedule tasks, classes, and homework. Add labels, create projects, and find open time slots you didn't even know you had.

See how long assignments take

HourStack is so much more than a planner. When you start tracking time against the tasks on your calendar—homework, classes, extracurriculars, your dissertation—you'll be able to see when you get the most work done, and how long it actually takes.

Work on all your tasks in one place

You don't have to change your whole life to use HourStack. You can use HourStack on its own, or easily connect the app with your favorite tools—Google Calendar, Trello, Asana, and many more—and start work on everything in one visually appealing place.

Plan your week the easy way

If you feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start, a visual planner is a great solution for time management in college. With a flexible calendar, you'll be able to plan ahead, schedule time for studying, set deadlines for projects or assignments, and then adjust your priorities as new to-do's crop up.

  • Use HourStack across your devices

    Stay organized and manage a busy schedule and multiple to-do's wherever you are by using HourStack on your phone, tablet, or computer.

  • Adjust multiple priorities at once

    With dozens of handy shortcuts, you'll find it easy to reschedule, move, copy, and delete your entries in bulk.

  • Create templates to save time

    Got the same classes or meetings for a few weeks? Save a ton of time by using templates to easily populate your calendar with tasks, meetings, and projects.

Flexible scheduling across client projects and teams

Use HourStack in high school, college, and beyond

HourStack was built with flexibility in mind. Whether you're studying for a master's degree, a PhD, or for a professional certificate, you'll find there are multiple ways you can set up and manage your account.

Use HourStact in any project

Track your achievements and keep improving

Once you've tracked time against a few of the items on your calendar, you can use reports to hone in on how effectively you're using your time and to see if you've put in enough study hours. Time management in college has never been this easy.

  • Visualize your successes

    HourStack will keep track of all the tasks you completed so that, at the end of the week, you can get a handy breakdown to show you just how effectively you've been progressing.

  • Filter and group your data

    Look for patterns in how you're spending your time by filtering and viewing your data in a number of different ways. Get a sense of your study capacity, how far along your assignments are, and what tasks take the most time.

  • Save time with Saved views

    If you like getting specific insights in just a glance, use saved views. A saved view is essentially a template that will help you quickly dig into the data you need.

Create detailed reports for analysis and client invoicing
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Connect the apps and tools you use

Manage all your assignments and projects in one space when you connect HourStack with the apps you already use. There are 1,500+ to choose from so we probably have you covered.

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Plan work and get it done the stress-free way

HourStack will help you plan ahead so you can meet deadlines, put procrastination behind you, and stay on top of all your studies.