Time Tracking Software for Remote Teams

Keep the team on track anytime, anywhere

A visual time management tool that makes it easy to stay in control of balancing schedules, optimizing productivity, and tracking trends when team members are in different locations.

Plan the whole team's schedule at once

Gain complete transparency into work schedules and priorities with a birds-eye-view of everything going on in a clear calendar.

Easily adjust just about anything

Assigning to-do's and action items is easy when you can drag them from the apps or tools already in use and drop them onto team members' calendars.

Visualize time utilization across the team

Generate reports to better understand time utilization and to improve on inefficiencies. Filter the data to dig into more targeted insights.

Minimize distractions with time tracking

For distributed or remote teams, figuring out the right workflow can be tough, as can staying focused and on task. With HourStack it's easier than ever.

  • Team views

    Delegate tasks without ever having to leave the calendar view.

  • Visual scheduling

    See the whole team's agenda at once to track progress and balance schedules based on availability and workload.

  • Built-in time tracking

    Stay in complete control with built-in time tracking, or adjust time manually.

Minimize distractions with time tracking

Drive remote success with data insights

Use reports to understand all angles of time utilization across individuals and teams, and improve operating inefficiencies.

  • Insightful reports

    Track allocated time against actual time spent on tasks and projects to create schedules that work well for everyone.

  • Saved views

    If you manage a large team, multiple teams, or multiple projects, save a specific report view or filtered segment for easy access in the future.

  • Flexible exports

    Easily bill clients, prepare payroll, or prepare for invoicing by exporting reports in the format you prefer—Excel, Google Sheets, or CSV

Minimize distractions with time tracking
“I was elated to find HourStack. It appeared to provide everything I was looking for, right out of the box. Over a year later, my initial assessment hasn't dimmed at all. But I have, over time, found ways to leverage HourStack to be even MORE productive and effective than I could have even imagined when I first found it and started using it.”
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Integrate with apps and tools already in use

Designed to work seamlessly with your current tools, HourStack centralizes everything and provides the complete visibility needed for remote work.

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A platform that sets your workspace up for success

Use workspaces to keep your most important data separate and organized. If you manage multiple companies or clients, workspaces can be used to separate billing, data exports, permissions, global settings, projects, and much more.

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Work like you're in the same room

Check in on work progress any time, any place without ever having to disrupt your team's focus.