Time Tracking Software for Nonprofits

Understand the real costs of projects and programs

With HourStack, you'll have immediate visibility into time tracked against projects and grants, ultimately helping to keep your departments on budget and meeting deadlines so that you can focus on work that impacts your mission the most.

20% discount for eligible nonprofits

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View everyone's workload at a glance

Using a shared, visual calendar, it will take just seconds to create, view, and rearrange different department and team schedules. Drag-and-drop tasks to assign them, check in on project progress, and monitor work as it happens.

Simplified time tracking in one place

Stop worrying about managing and tracking down timesheets, and permissions levels. You can even compare allocated time against logged time to see if there are areas your team can improve on.

Increase operational efficiencies

Get immediate insight into your nonprofit's activities using in-built reports complete with charts and visualizations that can help you show end-of-month reporting to funders, prepare annual reports, maintain governmental compliance, and track employee hours for billing purposes.

Focus on what matters

No more worrying about the accuracy of employee timesheets, or tracking them down to meet deadlines. Use HourStack to effortlessly capture every minute worked towards programs and grants.

  • Built-in timers

    With built-in timers on every task, you can track time right from your calendar, add it manually, and even see how logged time compares with allocated time.

  • Team views

    View all team member schedules at once or toggle to view each member individually. Control a user's experience by customizing their role and permission set.

  • Drag-and-drop scheduling

    Schedule or reschedule items fast, and drag and drop entries to move them, or add them to HourStack from your favorite app or tool.

Flexible scheduling across client projects and teams

Make informed decisions

Using intuitive charts, graphs, and report data, you'll get a clear overview of the numbers that impact your nonprofit's bottom line.

  • Metrics at a glance

    Pinpoint how employee hours are stacking up against program budgets, keep an eye on project and work resources, and use the data to allocate employee wages.

  • Flexible reporting

    Take advantage of filters, and group entries by client, project, label, team, or team member to surface the exact data you need. No training or technical skills needed.

  • Save views

    If your organization manages multiple teams or projects, use saved views just like templates to quickly dig into the report view you need.

Create detailed reports for analysis and client invoicing
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Connect the tools and apps your nonprofit uses

HourStack integrates seamlessly with 1,500+ tools so that you can work on everything in one place.

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Start tracking your projects and budget with HourStack

Get visibility into your whole team's schedule, track time, and monitor progress across campaigns and projects.

20% discount for eligible nonprofits