Time Tracking Software for Personal Use

Personal productivity made simple

Build your most productive schedule yet with HourStack's visual time management tool. The perfect solution for solopreneurs, or individuals who value personal accountability.

Master your time management skills

Get on the right track with built-in time tracking on your tasks, then easily adjust, duplicate and rollover work as you see fit.

Keep using the tools you love

HourStack integrates with your favorite applications so you can easily manage your whole schedule in a single calendar view.

Harness data to change the way you work

Simple, insightful reports help you understand how and where your time is being spent so you can spot inefficiencies and adjust.

Get a realistic picture of your week

Schedules change—that's life. Because flexibility is important, we've built a tool that makes it easier than ever to adjust your priorities and see the impact.

  • Visual time planning

    Schedule everything instantly, quickly add to-do's and action items, all without ever leaving the calendar view.

  • Built-in timers

    Simplify your workflow with built-in timers, and integrations make it easy to drag-and-drop tasks and entries from other tools.

  • Color-coded labels

    Keep your projects and tasks organized with color-coded labels that make it simple for you to understand what is going on at a glance, and to dig deep into data when needed.

Get a realistic picture of your week

Analyze your productivity levels

Identify ways to be more nimble with your time by leveraging the reports feature. With helpful visualizations and filters, you'll be able to quickly spot trends and uncover any inefficiencies.

  • Get actionable insights

    Log the actual hours you spend working against the hours you've scheduled for each task or project.

  • Filter & sort

    Pull reports by client, project, label, and date to get the overall picture, and use advanced filters for more granular details.

  • Flexible exports

    Easily and accurately bill clients by exporting report data in the format you prefer—Excel,Google Sheets, or CSV.

Analyze your productivity levels
“HourStack has really enabled me to level-up my business this year, leading to the most productive and profitable period of my professional career.”
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Use HourStack with your favorite tools

HourStack fits seamlessly into your existing workflow so you get simple, accurate time tracking in a centralized view.

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Take control of your time.

Build your most productive schedule yet by planning and tracking your time in a beautiful, visual calendar.