Use Zapier with HourStack

Integrate HourStack's powerful time management software with over 3,000 other apps through Zapier.

Connect HourStack with your favorite apps without writing a line of code! Just select a trigger (if this happens) in one app and an action (then do this) in the other and let Zapier handle the rest. Setup Zaps to sync data and automate repetitive tasks. Scheduling and time tracking will be easier than ever.

Explore some popular apps below or check out the entire list on Zapier.

Connect HourStack to thousands of popular apps with Zapier

Set up time-saving automations

Zapier's extensive library lets you quickly connect all of the apps you use every day by creating automations that take care of your manual or repetitive tasks. Save time and enjoy your newly streamlined workflow!

HourStack has a wide variety of triggers and actions available to provide you with the most flexible, customizable workflow.


Kick off an action in another app

  • Entry created or modified
  • Client created or modified
  • Project created or modified
  • Label created or modified
  • Team created or modified
  • Timer started or stopped
  • Entry completed
  • And more...

Result from a trigger in another app

  • Create or modify an entry
  • Create or modify a client
  • Create or modify a project
  • Create or modify a label
  • Create or modify a team
  • Start or stop a timer
  • Complete an entry
  • And more...
Get work done more efficiently
  • Automate entry, client, project, and label creation

    Bring tasks from your favorite apps into HourStack

  • Keep track of what's complete

    Set up actions in other apps for when you complete your work in HourStack

  • Post alerts, reminders, and status updates

    Connect to communication tools to keep everyone on the same page

  • Track time more flexibly than ever

    Manage timers where you need them the most

Popular Zapier-powered integrations

Here are just some of the platforms our customers love to use with HourStack.

See 3,000+ more apps on Zapier

Ready to connect Zapier?

Easy to set up & available on all plans.

It's quick and easy to set up Zaps with HourStack. You'll need a Zapier account and you'll need a connection to any other platforms you intend to use with HourStack. Then, just follow these instructions in our user guide to connect HourStack and create your first Zap!

User guide: HourStack Zapier integration