HourStack + Slack

Use Slack to seamlessly manage and track time against your tasks using simple commands from any channel or direct message.

If Slack is the center of your workflow, then the HourStack Slack app is a must. Start and stop timers, create new tasks with projects and labels, complete tasks, get your schedule for the day, and get stats to see how you've been spending your time–all from within Slack.

It takes only a few moments to connect Slack with HourStack and you'll then have access to /hourstack commands everywhere in Slack, and the responses from HourStack will be private to you.

Simple drag and drop interface for connecting Slack tasks in HourStack

Turn Slack conversations into action

By integrating HourStack with Slack, you can start managing time without disrupting your current workflow. Cut down distracting context switching to keep focus while maintaining accurate track of the time you spend on tasks. Create tasks on the fly and quickly switch timers between them directly within Slack.

Key Features
  • Create and view tasks

    Add new detailed tasks or see what you have planned for the day.

  • Start and stop timers from Slack

    Stay on top of your time without disrupting your current workflow.

  • See your stats

    Get a quick view of how you've spent your time.

HourStack Slack commands

Command Description
/hourstack help Lists all the actions available and a hint about how to use each action. This is handy as a reminder.
/hourstack list Lists all entries for today. From this list, you can start timers, stop running timers, and complete any incomplete tasks.
/hourstack stats Provides daily and weekly stats including your total scheduled and logged time, the task you are currently running a timer on, and the scheduled and logged time for your active projects and labels.
/hourstack start Start a timer. Requires a name argument. Alternatively, use the list command to access a quick start button for each task.
/hourstack stop Stops any active timer you have running. No name is required since only one timer can run at a time to ensure tracking accuracy.
/hourstack complete Complete a task. Requires a name argument. Alternatively, use the list command to access a complete button for each task.
/hourstack new Creates a new entry. Accepts name, duration, [project], and #labelarguments, all of which are optional.
/hourstack workspaces List all of your workspaces. Click the switch to workspace button next to the workspace you'd like to use.
/hourstack workspace Switches your active workspace. Requires a name argument.

Ready to connect Slack?

Easy to set up & available on all plans.

Connect Slack from your account integrations page. All integrations are scoped to you personally, meaning that nobody else on your team can access your integration data.

Read our user guide to learn more:

User guide: HourStack Slack integration
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