Time Tracking App for Outlook Calendar

Track time on scheduled Outlook Calendar events with powerful time management software from HourStack.

Integrate your Outlook Calendar with HourStack to add powerful time tracking functionality to any events you already have scheduled. Your event’s duration will be set as “scheduled time” for the entry. From there you can easily track “logged time” spent on it. At the end of the week, run a report to see how you did. It’s the easiest way to give your productivity a boost.

Simple drag and drop interface for connecting Outlook Calendar tasks in HourStack

Key Features

  • Access all of your Outlook Calendar events from HourStack

    Start working on them right away.

  • Track time on your events

    Track time on any event you drag into your HourStack schedule, with full access to all the notes that were originally made on that event in Outlook.

  • Gain actionable insights about where time is being spent

    Use HourStack’s detailed metrics to see how your logged time compares to your estimates.

One place to track everything

By integrating your Outlook Calendar with HourStack, you can save time by not jumping back and forth between apps to keep track of what is on your schedule. When you use HourStack to manage your Outlook Calendar events, you get the benefit of tracking the actual time you spend on the event. Pull reports at the end of the month, quarter or year, to see exactly how much time you spent on meetings, check-ins and other events. It’s a simplified organizational system.

Example Outlook Calendar task in HourStack
  • Connect and search multiple Outlook calendars

    Easily search, filter and keep track of events from across multiple calendars.

  • Tailor your calendar data

    Organize your events by assigning them to specific projects, tagging them to clients, and grouping them with labels.

Ready to connect Outlook Calendar?

Easy to set up & available on all plans.

Connect Outlook Calendar from your Account Integrations page. All integrations are scoped to you personally, meaning that nobody else on your team can access your integration data.

Read our setup guide to learn more:

Setup guide: Connecting Outlook Calendar with HourStack