Scheduling and Time Tracking for Google Calendar

Connect Google Calendar to HourStack and see a visual calendar to optimize all of your time tracking and scheduling needs.

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HourStack with Google Calendar Integration

This integration allows your team to schedule and track time from the events they’re already working on in Google Calendar — which means they don’t have to duplicate entries, interrupt their workflow, or jump back and forth between applications.


Drag and drop events from Google Calendar onto your HourStack schedule

Whether you are setting your own schedule or delegating tasks, HourStack helps you organize all of your Google Calendar events.

Time Tracking

Set a time estimate and track the actual time for Google Calendar events

HourStack helps you manage and track your time against allocation in a visual calendar — even down to the minute with timers on entries.


Generate detailed time reports for completed Google Calendar events

Easily run reports across multiple projects, teams, and users with full charts and graphs. Leverage the data to identify trends, or prepare for invoicing.

Integration Features

Enhance your efficiency by leveraging the direct integration between HourStack and Google Calendar with these features.

See events from all of your Google calendars directly in HourStack, right next to your schedule.
Filter your Google Calendar events by calendar or use the search functionality to see only the events you want to track time against.
Drag Google Calendar events directly onto your teammate's schedule or your own to create entries in HourStack.
The allocated time for entries is automatically set based on the Google Calendar event duration.
Notes from the Google Calendar event are automatically copied to the HourStack entry.
Additional functionality is available via our Zapier HourStack/Google Calendar integration.