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Bitbucket Time Tracking App

Schedule and track time on Bitbucket issues with powerful time management software from HourStack.

The HourStack + Bitbucket integration gives your team the ability to schedule tasks and to track time on issues they're already working on in Bitbucket. This means they can stop jumping back and forth between applications, stay focused, and avoid task duplication issues.

Simple drag and drop interface for connecting Bitbucket tasks in HourStack
Key Features
  • Schedule Bitbucket issues with ease

    Filter and search Bitbucket issues in HourStack and drag-and-drop to your calendar.

  • Track the time you spend on Bitbucket issues

    Use in-built timers to track how long you spend working on Bitbucket issues, all from within the HourStack calendar.

  • Use insightful report data to become more efficient

    Compare estimated time against actual logged time and see how you stack up.

  • Mark issues as complete and close them as you go

    Automatically complete Bitbucket issues within HourStack and close them in both locations as you go.

Consistent data without switching apps

By connecting Bitbucket and HourStack, you'll be able to work on multiple tasks with different sources all within the same application. When you drag-and-drop one of your Bitbucket issues into HourStack, you'll maintain consistent data with your notes, status, priority, and other important information carried over. Once you've finished with the issue, mark it "complete" and both HourStack and Bitbucket will reflect the change.

Example Bitbucket task in HourStack

Track time right in Bitbucket using the HourStack browser extension.

Install the HourStack extension for your favorite browser to schedule and track time against the tasks you are already working on in any application on the web.

Ready to connect Bitbucket?

Easy to set up & available on all plans.

Connect Bitbucket from your Account Integrations page. All integrations are scoped to you personally, meaning that nobody else on your team can access your integration data.

Read our user guide to learn more:

User guide: HourStack Bitbucket integration
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Automate and customize your workflow by connecting Bitbucket and HourStack using Zapier.

Sync data, automate repetitive tasks, and be more productive by setting up custom workflows without writing a line of code.

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