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Basecamp Time Tracking App

Schedule and track time on Basecamp tasks with powerful time management software from HourStack.

Start and stop HourStack timers right in Basecamp

The HourStack browser integration gives your team the ability to schedule and track time against the tasks they are already working on in Basecamp using an HourStack timer embedded directly in the Basecamp web app!

Efficiently schedule and accurately log the time you spend on tasks in Basecamp and all other apps you use. Then use HourStack's powerful reporting to gather insights, bill customers, and run payroll.

HourStack browser extension embed
  • Track time from anywhere in your browser

    Built-in timers and a convenient dropdown make managing your time easier than ever.

  • Stay focused when you open a new tab

    See today's tasks and reports when you open a new tab to see how your day is progressing.

  • Right-click to turn any text selection into a new task

    Your new task will remain linked to the page you created it from.

HourStack browser extension new tab

Ready to connect the extension?

Easy to set up & available on all plans.

Install the HourStack browser extension for Chrome, Edge, or Firefox, then log in to your HourStack account and you'll be ready to start scheduling and tracking time against your Basecamp tasks.

Read our user guide to learn more:

User guide: HourStack Basecamp integration
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Automate and customize your workflow by connecting Basecamp and HourStack using Zapier.

Sync data, automate repetitive tasks, and be more productive by setting up custom workflows without writing a line of code.

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