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Asana Time Tracking App

Schedule and track time on Asana tasks with powerful time management software from HourStack.

Asana is a project management tool that helps teams organize, track, and manage their work.

When you integrate your Asana account with your HourStack Account, you get a simplified, accurate time tracking from the tasks you're already working on in Asana. Not only will you never have to duplicate a task again, or jump back and forth between applications, but you'll get the added benefit of time tracking on every entry you create. Now, managing a team and invoicing clients for work completed is easier than ever.

Simple drag and drop interface for connecting Asana tasks in HourStack
Key Features
  • Schedule your tasks with ease

    Once connected, simply drag and drop your Asana tasks to your calendar in HourStack

  • Track time on your Asana tasks

    You'll get time tracking data that is consistent with your project management workflow

  • Get accurate reports for analysis and invoicing

    Quickly filter to create insightful reports for specific projects, clients, or members

Save time, stay in sync, and see it all in a calendar view.

The HourStack + Asana integration allows your team to schedule and track time from the tasks they're already working on in Asana — which means no duplicating tasks, interrupted workflows, or jumping back and forth between applications. Each entry remains linked to the original task in Asana so you can easily access it from HourStack.

Example Asana task in HourStack
  • Automatically assign your projects and tags

    Keep a consistent view of your work.

  • Complete tasks from HourStack – manually or automatically

    Avoid extra steps by marking your Asana tasks as complete right as you finish them in HourStack.

  • Set up custom permissions

    Control who can create entries for themselves or other team members.

Track time right in Asana using the HourStack browser extension.

Install the HourStack extension for your favorite browser to schedule and track time against the tasks you are already working on in any application on the web.

Ready to connect Asana?

Easy to set up & available on all plans.

Connect Asana from your Account Integrations page. All integrations are scoped to you personally, meaning that nobody else on your team can access your integration data.

Read our user guide to learn more:

User guide: HourStack Asana integration
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Automate and customize your workflow by connecting Asana and HourStack using Zapier.

Sync data, automate repetitive tasks, and be more productive by setting up custom workflows without writing a line of code.

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