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Tracking Time From Integrations

Starting a timer on a Task typically requires you to be within the HourStack web app, however it's possible to do it remotely by using our browser extension. The browser extension allows you to remain working within the other apps you use and still be able to start and stop timers for your tasks in HourStack.

Downloading the Browser Extension

To download the browser extension visit the Browser Extensions category on the integrations page and follow the link for the browser that you use. Once installed you will be able to start timers for tasks in your day, or create tasks and start timers from within various supported apps.

You can read more about the browser extensions and the apps currently supported by visiting the Browser Extensions category of the Help Center.

Tracking Time Within Other Apps

Once you have the browser extension installed, you can visit any one of the supported apps and notice a new button appear labelled "Add Task". This will take the name of the task or to-do item in the app and allow you to create a new task within HourStack with the same name. You can also start a timer on that task immediately by clicking the Save & Start Timer button.

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