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Editing Task Details

Tasks are the core of HourStack. They can represent to-dos, events, or any number of other action items. Tasks help you organize your work, keep track of important details, and plan and track your time.

Creating Tasks

In HourStack, you can create tasks by clicking Add Task from your My Tasks page, from a project page, or directly in your calendar. This will open a new task in the Task Sidebar.

In the sidebar, you can specify task details like a description, due date, assignee, and more. Then, you can track time on a task by adding time entries to your calendar. Learn more in our articles about scheduling time entries and logging time.

  • Task name: The title of your task
  • Task status: The task status here will reflect the status of time entries on the task. If all time entries have been completed, then the task status will show as complete; otherwise, it will show as incomplete. To mark all time entries on a task as complete, click the options menu at the top of the sidebar and select Complete all entries.
  • Due date: Here you can specify a due date and/or time. Once the due date has passed, the text color will change to red to indicate that it is overdue.

  • Time entries: This section shows all time entries on the task. To learn more about this section, read our article on scheduling time entries.
  • Project: You can assign a task to a project. The project color will set the border color on the task and if the project is associated with a client, then the task will be filterable by that client and the project in the calendar and reports. You can search for projects and create projects on the fly in this select field if you have permission to do so in your workspace.
  • Labels: You can assign as many labels as needed to the task. You can search labels and create labels on the fly in this select field if you have permission to do so in your workspace. The task will be filterable by the assigned labels in the calendar and reports.
  • Notes: This field is designed to give context around the work to be completed by the person performing the work and to store any additional information required. We store notes as Markdown and you can apply formatting with the editor's toolbar, or by typing out the Markdown. Once you hit the space after the Markdown, the formatting will be applied.
Item Formatting
Heading # H1
## H2
### H3
Bold **bold text**
Italic *italic text*
Strikethrough ~~strikethrogh text~~
Ordered list 1. First item
2. Second item
3. Third item
Unordered list - First item
- Second item
- Third item
Inlined code `code`
Code block ``` before/after code
Block quote >
Link Cmd + K

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