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Working With Tasks

Tasks block time on your schedule, time is tracked against them, and they are used for reporting. Tasks can represent todos, events, or any number of other actions you want to schedule and track time against.

Personal View

Whether you have a personal workspace or are a member of a team, you'll likely spend much of your time in the personal calendar view. This view shows just your tasks for the selected timeframe.

Team View

Team views are only available when you have multiple active members in your workspace and permission to view other member's tasks (either within your assigned team or throughout your workspace).

Bulk Task Actions

Bulk task actions are a great way to make quick work of your scheduling. It's easy to perform bulk actions on tasks.

Task Templates

Task templates are a powerful tool in HourStack, allowing you to save one or more tasks as templates to be used to create additional tasks in the future.

Scheduling With Integrations

HourStack offers a variety of task, event, and export integrations that allow your team to schedule and track time from the tasks they’re already working on — which means no duplicating tasks, interrupted workflows, or jumping back and forth between applications.

Setting Calendar Preferences

You can set your calendar preferences on a per-workspace basis. Click the preferences dropdown just above the calendar to reveal the available preference settings.

Filtering Tasks

You can filter tasks on your calendar by client, project, or label. For each resource type you can make multiple selections to build any type of filter combination you like.

Selecting a Date Range

The date range selection will vary based on the calendar view you have selected. You can use the forward and backward buttons to scroll the calendar to the previous or next period or click the Today link to move the calendar to the current day.

Searching for Tasks

Just above the calendar you can search for tasks. The search will for tasks by title and will search your full history.

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