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Tips and Tricks for Using HourStack

We hope you and your team are enjoying managing time in HourStack. Here are some tips and tricks to help you work more efficiently and experience the best of HourStack.

1. Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Work Efficiently

To begin with, we recommend you bookmark the Keyboard Shortcuts glossary. This is your cheat sheet for all of the keyboard shortcuts you can use in HourStack. There are shortcuts to navigate the app, control actions taken within the calendar, select tasks, take various actions on tasks, and use with Reports. You can also use the / keyboard shortcut in the app to open a list of keyboard shortcuts!

2. Group Tasks and Timers into Templates For Easy, Bulk Scheduling

Templates are a valuable feature in HourStack allowing you to select and group multiple tasks and timers for use again at a later date. They are easily accessed within your Calendar view and can help save a ton of time if you complete many of the same tasks each week. You can create private templates or shared templates that anyone in your workspace can access. Shared templates are a great way to ensure consistency across the tasks in your workspace.

How to Create a Template:

  • To create a template, simply hold down the Cmd/Ctrl key on your keyboard and Click each of the tasks you want to include in it.
  • Click the "Create template" icon in the bulk action bar at the bottom of your screen.
  • Select if it is private or shared and if you'd like to add it to a folder.
  • To access your templates, click the "Templates" link in the right sidebar of your Calendar, above the integration list.

You can learn more in the templates guide.

3. Save Time When You Use Bulk Actions

The bulk action editor is a handy toolbar that will automatically appear at the bottom of your browser when you select multiple tasks (Cmd/Ctrl + Click) you'd like to take action on.

Using the Bulk Action Editor Toolbar You Can:

  • Create templates
  • Copy multiple timers
  • Move multiple timers to another date
  • Rollover time in bulk
  • Assign multiple tasks to a specific project or projects
  • Assign multiple tasks to a specific label or labels
  • Mark multiple timers as complete
  • Delete multiple timers at once

Be careful when deleting timers in bulk. There is no way to recover deleted timers in HourStack, though there will be a confirmation once you request to make a bulk deletion.

You can learn more in the bulk actions guide.

4. Other Useful Resources

The HourStack Help Center:

If you ever have any specific questions about how to use HourStack, or how to get the most out of each feature, the Help Center Search is an excellent place to search for articles.

The HourStack Blog:

Be sure to subscribe to the HourStack blog to get the latest product updates, tips & tricks, and stories delivered directly to your inbox. Also, if you're looking for a time management strategy (or two) to try with HourStack, read more about the 168 hours method, or the focused time blocking method.

HourStack's Public Product Roadmap:

The public product roadmap is actively updated so that you can see—at any time—what new features or fixes we are working on. In the near future, you'll be able to use this roadmap to make requests, vote on requests, and leave feedback.

Join Our Community on Social Media:

HourStack is on Twitter and LinkedIn. If you follow the HourStack Product page on LinkedIn, you'll also be able to leave a review and add HourStack as a skill.

Contact Support:

We love hearing from our users. Almost all of the changes we have made to HourStack are a result of direct feedback from our customers. If you have a use case or need that could be met with just a few tweaks to HourStack, let us know. You can write to us at any time at

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