Schedule and track time on your Google Tasks

If you are a Google ecosystem user then you already know Google Tasks is the perfect simple task management tool since it is embedded directly in your favorite Google tools; Gmail, Calendar, Chat, Drive, and Docs.

Our Google Tasks integration takes that simple task management and supercharges it with scheduling, time tracking, and reporting.


  • Schedule your Google Tasks
    Drag and drop your Google Tasks to create entries in HourStack's visual calendar.
  • Track time on your tasks
    Estimate and track your time on each task with easy-to-use timers.
  • Gain actionable insights about where time is being spent
    Use HourStack's detailed metrics for invoicing, payroll, or understanding how your time is spent.

Your HourStack entries stay linked to Google Tasks so you can easily access your original tasks. Via our browser extensions, you can also leverage the power of HourStack directly from Google Tasks. Spend more time focusing on getting work done well, instead of jumping between applications or duplicating tasks.

Share Your Feedback

We'd love to hear what you think about our new integration. If you have any questions, comments or ideas for new integrations we'll be glad to hear them. You can see what's up next on our roadmap.

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Updated September 21, 2022 in Product Updates