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Interview with Daniel Woźniak, CEO at B2Net, Member of Globe Group

Tell us about your background, and your current role.

I am the CEO at B2Net, a Polish software house which delivers custom web applications, MLM platforms, develops existing systems and build nice and simply webpages based on Wordpress.

What’s your experience as a project manager, and introducing different tools and techniques to manage projects on time? How do those tools and techniques carry over into your current role?

During my Project Management career, I’ve been using around 5 different project management tools. When I joined B2Net, our team didn’t have one chosen tool because it seemed like every project was different and needed different methods. We couldn’t be more wrong. We just haven’t found the one tool that suited us. So, we’ve begun searching and testing. Hourstack was all we needed for current time tracking and scheduling needs, and we went all deep into it. Thanks to that, I’ve been able to check and plan all resources in my team and company.

You’ve had some hands-on experience integrating HourStack and Trello for project and time management. What was that like, and what were some learnings?

The one great thing that the integration bought us was the ability to assign tasks in Hourstack that have been created in Trello. For a period of time, we had been using a Trello board to manage our projects backlog, but we didn’t have a tool to plan this work not only in scope of project, but in a big picture view (whole company, multiple projects). There was one major feature we’ve been missing: the ability to filter different users from different teamt to have a project view so we could take a big picture look at all of the people working on one specific project, even if they were on different teams (eg. designers + developers).

What is the overall business impact when the right tools are implemented? What ROI have you seen from having the right tools and resources in place?

To be honest, we didn’t measure specifically ROI. But overall, our organization level improved dramatically and everyone admitted that their work become a lot simpler.

What software tools do you currently use to collaborate and manage work? Do you have any favorites?

As we scaled up to bigger projects, Trello stopped to being enough for us and we transitioned to ClickUp.

What is your physical work environment like? How does that impact your productivity?

All I do is try to have a clean desk with only necessary things like my laptop, tablet or phone, and also a plant :) It is then when I am being most productive. I also recommend to have one place dedicated to all open “To dos”, and review that list every evening. That way, in the morning, you already know what to prioritize.

In your current role as CEO at B2Net, you’re probably looking at productivity from with a sharp focus. What’s most important to you in terms of workforce efficiency and time management?

Having a prioritized plan of “to dos” for every day (prepared the evening before) and conducting a weekly review of your tasks and projects are really important. I can’t recommend anything more than “Getting things done” by David Allen - it was a real life changer. You have to organize your life into areas of interest, like “Home”, “Work”, “Family”, “Self” etc. Next, inside those areas, you create projects. Inside each project you create lists and tasks. That structure gives you focus whenever you need both a big picture view where currently you are and, based on that, detailed to-dos for every day. Without that, there is only chaos.

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Updated June 28, 2021 in Stories