Although the new year has just started, the HourStack team is really excited about BIG changes in store for 2020. You may have noticed that toward the end of 2019, we sent out a product survey and asked for your opinion on what's working, and what isn't with the HourStack platform. Most importantly, we focused on what HourStack features you asked us to implement that will impact your business the most. See the results of the survey here.

Yes, It's About Time

These initiatives were set forth by a NEW HourStack executive leadership team that stepped in at the beginning of Q4 last year. We've heard loud and clear that you've been waiting (very patiently) to see new product updates on a regular basis.

HourStack Team

The reassuring news is that we have a new head of Product and a new head of Marketing committed to generating some GREAT momentum for HourStack going forward. Our goal is to keep the product innovation and helpful resources coming to you on a regular basis, so you're realizing even more value.

What's In Store

We identified key areas of HourStack that need some TLC, and we're actively working hard on revamping the core product infrastructure. It's a big priority for us and requires a lot of development resources, but it will be well worth it for everyone with the outcome being optimized product performance. Once that crucial infrastructure is in place, it will set a strong foundation for:

  • Product Roadmap Updates. Our product focus product this year is to deliver on BIG improvements that will boost your user experience with HourStack. These updates are both necessary and driven from your direct product request feedback. We'll be working hard to deliver on the following product roadmap items in the coming quarters:
    • New API for internal and external use
    • Redesigned web app building on the strengths of the existing app
    • Associate clients with projects and budgets
    • Billable rates per user and per project
    • Track billable and non-billable hours
    • Multiple labels per entry (and unlimited colors!)
    • Day, week, and month views
    • Full real-time sync of all schedules
    • Ability to hide non-work days from schedule
    • Ability to set specific start times for entries
    • Recurring entries in addition to our templates
    • Entries that span multiple days
    • Ability to toggle view to see only available time in schedule
    • Ability to horizontally scroll schedule infinitely
    • Integrations with Wrike, ClickUp, Jira, Basecamp, Teamwork, Monday, and more
    • 2-way sync with some integrations (calendars first)
    • And lots more!
  • Smoother Billing Processing. We've reviewed the current annual billing processes and associated pricing tiers, and discovered some confusing terms for different scenarios, so we're hoping to simplify all of that for you. If anything impacts your business or your team, you'll be first to know in this next month or two.
  • Bringing on More Developer + Design Resources. To ensure that we deliver on the streamlined product development priorities and processes we have in store this year, we plan to add more team members. We're hiring for a developer and mobile developer (ideally based in Seattle) within the next month or so and welcome your referrals. You can find the open role descriptions here in the careers section.

We're Still Listening

We hope you're as excited about the new HourStack momentum as we are. We really appreciate all of your feedback and willingness to chat with us. If you didn't get around to participating in the product survey or have some overall feedback, we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line anytime and we'll get back to you:

Updated June 28, 2021 in Product Updates