What’s better than hitting all your deadlines? Hitting them faster. Get ready for that bonus coffee break...

Over the last couple of months, the HourStack team has been brainstorming ways to help our users become even more productive.

Between hitting Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V, we realized that a list of Keyboard Shortcuts you could use in the app while working, would be a big win—it would save time and it would streamline scheduling. So, we began building out our dream list of Keyboard Shortcuts for all of the common operations in HourStack. Pretty soon the dream became a reality.

Now, with all the new Keyboard Shortcuts, you’ll find managing your schedule takes just seconds, as does navigating between views, settings, and entry options.

How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts

First, we recommend you begin by either bookmarking this Keyboard Shortcuts Glossary, or printing it out.

This will essentially be your “Cheat Sheet” for all of the keyboard shortcuts you can use in the HourStack app.

You’ll also want to note that depending on whether you use Mac OS, or Windows, the keyboard shortcuts will be a little different.

Wherever you see Cmd / Ctrl, and Option / Alt, it simply means that depending on the keyboard you have, you’ll use either the Command key (Apple), or Control key (Windows), and the same for Option / Alt.

Some keyboard shortcuts have a 🔜 icon next to them. This means they’ll be “coming soon,” so just hang in there.

Now that you’ve got the Keyboard Shortcuts document open, you’ll notice there are shortcuts for:

  • Global controls (navigating around the app)
  • Calendar controls (taking actions within the calendar view)
  • Selecting entries
  • Entry actions
  • Report controls

If, as you use the app, you think we’ve missed something, let us know! Tweet us @hourstack, or send us an email at support@hourstack.com.

If you need a refresher on selecting entries, or on bulk entry actions, take a look at these blog posts—they'll walk you through all you need to know:

Otherwise, let us know how it’s all working out. We love to hear from our users.

Updated September 21, 2022 in Product Updates