Common Business Challenges for Independent Contractors / Sole Proprietors:

For companies who are the sole proprietor of their business, or an independent contractor, there is a laser-focused need to keeping things on track while being nimble and quick to shuffle priorities. Interviewing OverAchiever Productions, we zeroed in on some common challenges that that a CEO and sole owner faces while managing a different number of clients from one week to the next. Specifically, the ability to:

-View, organize, and prioritize in a visual way, both tasks (immediate and short-term needs, plus longer-running projects with deliverables) along with meetings to help make the most of each day.

-Integrate with ToDoist's workflow, allowing for more fluid planning and execution with calendar blocks of time to address overages, disruptions, along with anything else that would come up.

-Better meet client needs while helping to increase billable hours, by improving productivity and day-t0-day operations.

Implementing Solutions for Independent Contractors / Sole Proprietors: Good Questions to Ask

As a solo venture, you're even more strapped for time than other businesses. So, before implementing a time tracking technology solution that can help boost productivity, consider the following:

-Does the solution meet your needs, out of the box? You won't be able to dedicate a lot of time to ramping up with a new technology stack, so ideally it's very intuitive.

-How flexible is the solution? Ideally, the solution will meet your immediate needs without contacting added support or paying for additional features.

-What options are there to integrate with different software applications you're already invested in? To prevent a barrier for adoption and ease of use, it's helpful to know how a new time tracking solution can work seamlessly with your current workflow.

The Results: Implementing Solid Time Tracking with Increased Visibility

With the help of the right time tracking solution, OverAchiever, was able to achieve the following results:

Looking for complete case studies on how different agencies, teams, and independent contractors are able to improve on their business efficiencies and gain transparency with the right visual tool? Stay tuned, we'll be posting full use case stories soon on

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Updated September 21, 2022 in Tips & Tricks