We’d like to say a huge thank you to those of you who have been using HourStack this past year as we worked toward building out a whole new platform with features you're really going to love. We’re grateful for all of your feedback, and to be a partner in your time tracking needs.

We've been promising some pretty big HourStack product updates, and we want to share the latest details with you.

Our 2021 Highlights

We're happy to confirm that there's a lot to look forward to this year. Here are the reasons to celebrate why we've been so heads-down!

NEW and improved HourStack features have been developed, based on your direct feedack. We're currently testing the new platform before rolling out the all-new HourStack in the coming months. Please note: For those of you that want to continue using your current functionality, don't worry! You'll have a few months to move over to the new HourStack when you're ready. Here are the standout improvements to come:New design focused on simplicity and efficiencyOptional start times for entriesAbility to create recurring entriesNew day, week, and month calendar viewsClients, in addition to projects and labelsMultiple labels per entryCustom roles and permissions for membersFiltering and sorting on all integrationsQuick reconnect on integrationsBulk management of all workspace resources (members, teams, clients, projects, etc.)All new reports with greater detail, flexibility, and visuals

  • New design focused on simplicity and efficiency
  • Optional start times for entries
  • Ability to create recurring entries
  • New day, week, and month calendar views
  • Clients, in addition to projects and labels
  • Multiple labels per entry
  • Custom roles and permissions for members
  • Filtering and sorting on all integrations
  • Quick reconnect on integrations
  • Bulk management of all workspace resources (members, teams, clients, projects, etc.)
  • All new reports with greater detail, flexibility, and visuals

The NEW HourStack beta is NOW in progress! We were thrilled to see that over 400 of you signed up for the beta. Within the next week or two, expect to see your official invite with directions on how to jump in, start testing features, and submit feedback.

Smoother billing processing. We've reviewed the annual billing processes and associated pricing tiers in place, and discovered some confusing terms for different scenarios that needed to be fixed. So, we've simplified all of that for you.

We've added new developer and design resources to the HourStack team, ensuring that we can deliver on the streamlined product development priorities and processes we've been working on.

A revamped website with improved online resources. We're currently working to revamp HourStack.com, and with the goal of adding more resources including:

  • A revamped help center where we'll be greatly expanding product documentation. You'll be able to find guides and other articles to help you get the most out of using HourStack.
  • Simplified ways to submit and track feedback for product improvements. We're planning to make it easier for you to share product feedback with us, whether you're helping us with beta testing or you want to submit a feature request. We're currently looking into easy in-product messaging options as well as an online feedback forum where you can submit product feature request/bug fixes, and see what other customers are submitting as well for increased visibility. You'll be first to know when this is ready!
  • A published product roadmap. Once the new HourStack is rolled out, we plan to publish product roadmap updates so you can see what product improvements are coming up. Our goal is to give you visibility into how we're improving HourStack for you, working together in building the best time management app available.
  • More frequent blog articles. We've got a new blog on the way! Our intent is to publish articles on a more frequent basis, specific to what's most helpful to you. We'd love your feedback on what content you'd like to see, so please take a few minutes to take our survey below.

Have additional questions? Feel free to email us: support@hourstack.com, or you can tweet us @hourstack on Twitter.

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Updated September 24, 2021 in Product Updates