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Meet HourStack

The drag-and-drop visual platform can help you achieve efficiencies by easily scheduling resources, running accurate reports and focusing on tasks with the most business impact.


Set and Shift Schedules to Optimize Workflow

Whether you are setting your own schedule or delegating tasks, HourStack helps you organize and visualize schedules for all tasks and projects. Drag and drop tasks, action items, and calendar events from your favorite applications over to a weekly view to set schedules for yourself and your team.

Time Tracking

Accurately Track Time Across Tasks and Projects

HourStack helps you manage and track your time against allocation in a visual calendar with timers for every entry. Visualize, plan, and track time utilization across your team including real time updates on the entries your team members are working on.


Understand Time Utilization and Improve Efficiencies

Easily run reports across multiple projects, teams, and users with full charts and graphs. Leverage the data to identify trends, or prepare for invoicing. You can even choose to export the data your way: to Google Sheets, Excel, CSV or PDF. To save time, reports and data segments can be saved as templates.


Designed to Integrate Seamlessly with Your Favorite Tools

HourStack has direct integrations with Asana, Trello, Google Calendar, Outlook 365, todoist, and more! Effortlessly drag and drop tasks, action items, and calendar events over to your weekly calendar. Let your teams use the project management tools that best fit their workflows, while easily managing schedules, tracking time, and running reports from a central location with HourStack.

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Customize Your Team's Settings and Permissions

HourStack gives you the flexibility to setup your teams and assign settings and permissions on a per user basis. Settings control daily availability and capacity while permissions can be role based or customized to ensure each user has the specific access they require. You gain full control of your work environment — which allows you to focus on more important things like shifting workloads to optimize time spent on projects and tasks.


Manage Multiple Workspaces

HourStack offers a flexible workspace setup, allowing you to easily switch between multiple workspaces using the same login. Perfect if you have multiple businesses or clients and want complete separation between them or if you belong to multiple teams that you schedule and track hours on. Each workspace is maintained independently with separate users, teams, entries, projects, labels, permissions, billing, etc.


"HourStack allows me to allocate more time to important projects that improve the business and move it forward. And also, the fact that I can see my team members doing the same is really helpful. Otherwise, the day can get swallowed up with day-to-day, shallow tasks that don't really have an impact."

Graeme Potter, CEO, Naturenetics
Graeme Potter CEO, Naturenetics
STAC Accounting

"We're leveraging HourStack to ensure we aren't under billing our time, and now realize how much time we are actually spending on projects. Our revenue has risen as a result."

John Gilmore, Bookkeeping and Operations at STAC Accounting
John Gilmore Bookkeeping and Operations at STAC Accounting

"I LOVE HourStack's integrations and the drag and drop dashboard where I can re-arrange and re-prioritize tasks as needed. All while still living in the real-world (i.e., allowing for disruptions, emergencies, changed priorities and the likes). I also love the HELL out of templates."

Michael K. Campbell, OverAchiever Productions
Michael K. Campbell OverAchiever Productions
NC State

"Being able to run reports to see how much time each team member spent for each program we conducted is a big benefit of HourStack. Also, being able to apply custom labels to various entries allows us to run other reports to see how much time is spent at each stage of our program development."

Ilin Misaras, Assistant Director, Global Training Initiative at NC State University
Ilin Misaras Assistant Director, Global Training Initiative at NC State University
Tangible Value

"HourStack is visual, calendar based time tracking system that is easy to use and gain insights from. The card style task tracking, integrations with Asana and Google Calendar, and easy reporting are my favorite features."

Matthew Fellows, Tangible Value
Matthew Fellows Tangible Value

"HourStack allows us to visualize the tasks ahead of us as well as tasks we've completed and provide full transparency to the team."

Archie Campbell, Vidsy Advertising Agency
Archie Campbell Vidsy Advertising Agency
Power Digital Marketing

"HourStack helps my team stay organized with their workflow and gives us visibility so that we can find ways to improve efficiencies."

Kendall Brennan, Power Digital Marketing
Kendall Brennan Power Digital Marketing

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